8 Mar 2017

Review on Hiking Gaiters

Chris Cage at Greenbelly meals has a nice review on gaiters.

I use Dirty Girl gaiters on short well tracked routes, but Leva Gaiters are stronger for rougher routes.  (reviewed on earlier post).

I prefer Simblissity Leva gaiters from Brett Tucker, but unfortunately he has temporarily stopped production. I do hope he re-starts. I was lucky that he made me a second pair (to keep in storage) before he shut down - Thanks Brett!

Update (19/12/17) I am mostly wearing Dirty Girl Gaiters these days. 

Here's the link to Chris's review. https://www.greenbelly.co/pages/hiking-shoe-and-boot-gaiters

Oh, buy the way, his business is high nutritional hiking bars. I have already reviewed these on this blog. But check them out at https://www.greenbelly.co/

They are great! Only issue would be postage cost from USA.

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  1. Thanks Rob, for the timely post on gaiters. I've been on the hunt for something full length (for a small person, which can be challenging :)), light weight, functional and durable. Will have a look at these ones here.. thanks


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