19 Dec 2017

Helinox Zero Chair

OK, anyone for some camp luxury?

I have just purchased the Helinox Zero Chair.

I love it! At 485 grams I am tempted to take it on an overnight romp (OMG, am I really saying this!).

It is a clever piece of lightweight engineering from the same company that supplied my walking poles (the LF135s, the lightest and best poles I have ever used!).

This chair is soooooo comfortable, easy to erect, stable and folds down to about the size of a Pump water bottle.

I guess its main use will be at outdoor summer events, but hey, having gone through a back operation, sitting on the top of a mountain beside the tent on a warm summers evening sure sounds inviting.

13 Dec 2017

Siberia Valley

Go to the Trips Page to see photos of recent return three day trip to Siberia Hut and Lake Crucible. This time as a 'family guide'. http://www.lightweightrob.com/p/trips.html