14 Dec 2018

A Must See Movie

Hi fellow outdoor's lovers. I have just been to see ’Free Solo’. I have never sat through such a tense, nail-biting movie in my life. It's the story of rock climber Alex Honnold’s free climb of El Capitan - 3200ft, no ropes or clips. Just a man and a bag of chalk. Took him 3 hours & 56 minutes. This must go down as one of the greatest human achievements ever, albeit, stupid! You'll understand the motivation when you see the movie. You must see this doco! It's fabulous! The guy is a rockstar! 

See the movie trailer HERE

12 Dec 2018

Zpacks Duplex on The TA Trail NZ

My buddies Simon and Lee are on the Te Araroa Trail in NZ. I will be joining them for a couple of sections in the South Island. You can follow them at https://www.facebook.com/groups/1500092416757668/
Nice to see they took on my Zpack tent suggestions. Well, almost. I was suggesting the Soloplex, but I think they are hoping to host guests :-)
Here are a couple of pics of their Duplex tents a couple of weeks into the hike. #zpacks