22 May 2018

Toilet Trowels

I have posted on this shitty subject before. However, Helinox in Australia now distributes the Deuce Toilet Trowel.

You can check it out and order here - https://www.helinox.com.au/the-deuce

For the last few years, I have used the QiWiz (Chee-Wiz). More details at this link:


We all agree, exposed toilet paper and poo is a 'no-go' in the woods (or on the back lawn for that matter - lol). Let's all do our bit and bury waste properly!

12 May 2018

Exofficio Briefs

Exofficio have been a leading brand for hiking underwear in the US for years.

I am a firm supporter and user of the IceBreaker brand of undies. Although they do wear out quickly. Macpac also do a good merino undies product, but probably less durable than IceBreaker. Recently I discovered Massdrop

Massdrop had these undies available as a 2 pack at $US34 - normally $US52.

I couldn't resist trying them. Yes, they have lived up to all the hype! Comfortable, light and breathable, no smell and stylish, You can also get these in a brief version if you don't care for the boxers. 


The Massdrop deal is over now, but I suggest you join this lightweight hiking group and you will get some good special alerts on many lightweight hiking products - Darn Tough socks was another special I hooked into a few weeks back

11 May 2018

Lightweight Footwear

I am a long supporter of Altra Lone Peak trail runners for tramping. I am on my third pair. But, I do agree there are several other lightweight options.

Kelly Hodgkins is a full-time backpacking guru out of the USA. Here's a link to check out her recommendations.