12 May 2018

Exofficio Briefs

Exofficio have been a leading brand for hiking underwear in the US for years.

I am a firm supporter and user of the IceBreaker brand of undies. Although they do wear out quickly. Macpac also do a good merino undies product, but probably less durable than IceBreaker. Recently I discovered Massdrop

Massdrop had these undies available as a 2 pack at $US34 - normally $US52.

I couldn't resist trying them. Yes, they have lived up to all the hype! Comfortable, light and breathable, no smell and stylish, You can also get these in a brief version if you don't care for the boxers. 


The Massdrop deal is over now, but I suggest you join this lightweight hiking group and you will get some good special alerts on many lightweight hiking products - Darn Tough socks was another special I hooked into a few weeks back


  1. I use those undies too. Really good but can take a while to dry.
    Darn Tough socks are great except for the ultralight ones. They wear out quick in volcanic areas. The other hiking ones are fantastic.

  2. I've been wearing the brief version of these for about three years now. Works for me.


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