4 Apr 2019

Solar sCharger 5

A couple of years back I posted details about my newly purchased Suntactics solar sCharger5. At the time it was a ground-breaker at 245grams and very efficient.

Suntactics has just released a new Ultralite version coming in at 159 Grams (5.6oz)!

They have improved the solar cells, waterproofness and hinging.

Testing of the updated version in direct sunlight on an iPhone 7 proves the charging speed to be almost identical to a fixed power source using an Apple power plug - about 2 hours to charge from zero to one hundred per cent.

The price is also very acceptable at $US109.95 - of course, NZ purchasers will have to add shipping unless you are going stateside or have a friend holidaying there.

sCharger-5 solar charger
You can learn more at - https://www.suntactics.com/scharger5-portable-solar-charger?utm_campaign=sCharger5%2FLite&utm_medium=email&utm_source=newsletter