12 Jul 2019

Gloves - Mittens

I am doing a lot of day hikes around my home town of Wanaka. I have always found lightweight finger gloves do not keep my finger ends from going numb!

I decided to purchase these combo gloves as a trial. They worked!

I like the ability to flip the mitt to allow the naked thumb or finger to use iPhone navigation.

They are light in weight and I like the hemming around the finger ends - well made - no risk of fraying.

Two criticisms, I use walking poles and I note the fleece on these gloves are causing wear. Secondly, the domes to hold back the finger or thumb flaps have aggressive secures - be careful to hold both the male and female edges of the dome to avoid pulling it through the fabric.

Overall, good hand warmth and they keep the fingers warm. At $NZ30 they are a snap!

He's the link to buy (I am not on any affiliate program!)


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