My Gear List

Rob's Gear List - 3 Season (updated July 2020)
Note: Season cusps will change weights + or - based on shelter, sleeping bag and insulation. Also trips that are totally hut Vs independent shelter. I have added optional gear I consider, depending on the trip. 

Pack - Shelter - Sleep - Weight 2kg (Averaged-out pack weight)
Zpacks Blast 45 Litre Pack - 498g - Includes hip pockets, shoulder strap pocket and stays customised by Joe at Zpacks who put the Arc Blast frame on this pack..
Solplex Cuben Tarp Tent - Includes guidelines - 439g
NeoAir Xlight - full length - Always used a half mat before, I'm getting older! Have opted for more comfort and leg warmth! OK, double the weight, but so warm and comfy, R Rate 4.2 - 370g
Tarp Pegs - 8 x 6.4 Carbon fiber stakes in cuben stuff bag - 48g
Western Mountaineering Highlite Sleeping Bag (+2 degrees) - 465g - includes stuff sack
OR depending on the trip...
Zpacks Sleeping Bag - 6.1ft length (-7 degrees) with waterproof down - includes stuff sack 575g
Zpacks Cuben Fiber Waterproof Pack Liner - 42g

Clothes in Pack - Weight 1.35kg
Patagonia Pants - 87g or cusp seasons I use Vigilante Merino tights under shorts - 176g
Mont Bell Tachyon Wind Jacket - 46g. My 'go-to' piece of gear
Icebreaker 150 Half Zip long-sleeve Merino Wool Top - 265g
Montbell Ultra Light Down Insulation Jacket (Looking at custom Goosefeet better warmth for weight) - 225g
ZPacks Cuben Fiber Rain Jacket - Extra-long custom cut to cover shorts 195g
Merino Beanie - 41g
Merino Ice Breaker Gloves - 39g
Zpacks Cuben fibre mitts - 28g
Bedrock Toe Socks (camp and spare) 78g
Bedrock Earthquake Sandals (camp/emergency shoes) - 136g
Zpacks Cuben Pillow/Stuff Sack - hold clothes and reverses for pillow - 47g
Shortie PJs (yes my big luxury, gotta give my one pair of merino undies some "airtime"! Also acts as spare undies) - 88g

Clothes Worn - Weight 1.7kg
Macpac Merino Undies - 61g
Macpac Fast Track Shorts - 173g
Ice Breaker 120 short sleeve Merino GT Aero T Shirt - 150g 
Ice Breaker merino running socks - 55g
Altra "Lone Peak 4" trail running shoes - 638g 
OR Helios Sun Hat - 65g
Barz - polycarbonate, photochromatic, polarised Sunglasses - 34g
Bandana - 36g
Dirty Girl Gaters - 35g
2 x Helinox Ultra Lite Trekking Poles (acts as Tarp pole, duct tape wrapped around pole) - 300g
Suunto Vector Watch (includes altimeter, barometer, compass) - 54g
OR Spectrum Sun Gloves - 19g or SParms arm sun sleeves

Cooking - Weight  470g
Jetboil Sol TI - 264g
MSR Gas Bottle - 145g (larger size for 5 days plus trips)
Sea to Summit Spoon 9g
750ml Pump Water Bottle (for non-Kiwis, a brand of commercial water - if going into areas with several hours between water will also carry a 1 liter Platypus) - 25g
Chux dish cleaning cloth - 10g
Cuben fibre Zpacks Blast food bag (mouse and waterproof) - 35g

Extras - Weight 746g
Fenix L10 Headlamp new battery fitted - 30g
Alcohol Hand Gel - 100g
Bug Dope, Sunscreen, Lip Balm - 100g
Floss and tooth Brush (powder paste)  - 30g
Meds - 200g (includes Pills, Sewing needle, Ventolin inhaler and Nitro-lingual heart spray)
Toilet Paper 25g
High Absorb Camp Towel (cut in half) plus sponge with neck lanyard - 58g
Garmin Foretex GPS (only if on un-tracked routes - don't use the wrist strap) - 80g
Maps, Pencil, Paper 40g
Poop Scoop - 17g
Samsung ST30 Camera - 105g
McMurdo FF220  EPIRP - 155g
Flat Spec Reading Glasses in case - 30g
Cuben Fiber Stuff Sacks - 4g

3 Season Base Pack Weight = 4.3kgs (rounded - The height of summer around 4kgs)

500 - 550 a day depending on trip length - All freeze Dri food from Back Country - Breakfast (porridge or fruit wheat-bix) - Dinner (soup, main and dessert) - During the day I eat every couple of hours (Tortillas with Peanut Butter, Em bites/cookies, jerky, dried fruit).

Pack Weight excludes water
NOTE: I only carry water if I will be an hour + to next water source

So, on Average, a 5 day SOLO trip = 7.5Kgs (rounded)

On the John Muir Trail I started my re-supply out of Muir Trail Ranch with 10kgs for 9 days. This included the Wild Ideas Bearikade carbon fibre bear barrel at 1kg  (yes, they had scales there! And yes, they also measured in metric!)

10Kg is my self imposed limit - I never want to hike with more than this! EVER!